Vancity Business Babes #mompreneurpanel

This past Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of speaking on the Vancity Business Babes #mompreneurpanel at the gorgeous Sky helicopters. As soon as I stepped through the door I was in awe of how great the space is. A huge thank you to founder and friend Danielle  for inviting me to be a part of such a lovely day.

The afternoon started with checking out the fabulous vendors, mingling, eating tasty treats, and photo fun!

One of the  fabulous vendors of the day was Once upon a tea leaf. Their tea mimosa is sooo good! I’m pretty sure I went back for a few refills.

My good friends Chic Fete were another vendor and their table was simply so adorable and pretty. In my bias opinion,  it was the most  eye-catching vendor of the day. Everything was so perfect. I just wanted to sit on their gold Chivari chairs and have a mini tea party! They collaborated with many local vendors to make their dessert table so fab!

DSC_6601   DSC_6569 DSC_6592   DSC_6588

Ellebox is a  monthly subscription service that makes your “time of the month” a bit more pleasant! Their table was so pretty too!

Kristal Barrets Sparkle handbook is an inspirational handbook for young girls. If you have daughters or know some adolescent girls, this book is the gift you want to give them!

DSC_6608 DSC_6618 (1)  DSC_6628 DSC_6545


Wanna Collection was another vendor with so many gorgeous statement pieces! The pieces are edgy and are sure to make a statement! I know I sure love a good statement piece.

Panda Cakes provided us with sweet, tasty mini cupcakes  and Choco Fruit provided us with delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

And the lovely Shop Glitter and Spice was there with their trendy, teething necklaces and bracelets! The oreo cookie necklace was their best seller of the day!

 These lovely photos are courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger Codi Lynn at  Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. She contributed a lot of time and effort into the event, including taking these great photos! 

After all the mingling and checking out the lovely vendors, it was time for the panel to begin.

DSC_6657 DSC_6651


I felt at ease being up on the panel alongside two wonderfully inspiring women. Kristal Barret Founder of The sparkle Project and Jessica Birak Founder of Mint and Birch couldn’t have answered Danielle’s questions better. Kristal left us inspired to get out there and ask for what we truly want. And Jessica reminded us to let go of comparing ourselves with others, and to be gentle with ourselves.

Once the panel ended, we had some more photo booth fun! I knew the photos were going to look great, but I had no idea they would turn out this amazing!! Thank you so much to Melody Davis from Mode Photography for capturing such memorable, stunning photos!

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Thank you so much Vancity Business Babes for such a fabulous day. It truly was a day full of laughter, connection, chatter, and inspiration!

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Beautiful balloon provided by Fun Fiestas by Ili

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