You never know where a simple act of kindness can lead you…

Last year when I started Styling the Inside, my intention was to inspire people to create a life that feels good within. I wanted to create a place people could go  for a breath of fresh air; a place full of truth, heart, encouragement, inspiration and life lessons. In other words, a place to remind us all to love ourselves and our lives a little more.

Despite my lack of computer knowledge, poor typing skills ( I skipped out on typing in grade 8 and never returned) and not knowing a single soul in the blogosphere,  I passionately just began. All it took was my  burning desire to use my writing to somehow make a difference, and a  couple  conversations full of  encouragement from my best friends, sister and husband. As soon as my fingers hit the keyboard on my phone ( as previously mentioned my typing skills were lacking and typing from my phone was the most efficient way to write a blog post) I remembered how much I love to write!

One day, not too long after I began this passion project, I met Salma from The Write balance  at a parent/preschool drop in. I really liked the scarf she was wearing, so I approached her to compliment it. Salma responded with a polite thank you and mentioned wearing the scarf was part of a fashion experiment for her blog.  Suddenly an  omg -this -is -meant -to -be feeling punched me in the gut, and I replied, “I just started a blog. I don’t know what I’m  doing, but I love to write.” Salma kindly said she would love to check it out.

Shortly after  Salma and I  added one another on Facebook, I received a message from Salma saying she really loved  the message I was trying to share  and that she nominated me for the 2014 Top 30 mom blogger award. I was completely in awe by her kindness,  flattered and  especially grateful for the nomination.

When the voting period began, my best friends and husband were insanely  excited for me. They truly believed in me, and did everything in their power to help me with votes.

In the end, I didn’t end up winning Top mom blogger of the year. Needless to say,  I was a runner-up and proud of myself nonetheless. Tamara Goyette over at Discovering Parenthood was 2014 Vancouver Mom Top  blogger.  Check out her blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Vancouver Mom  hosts an annual Top mom  blog event each year. I attended last years with my two best friends, who were so unbelievably  proud of me. This is where I met so many other amazing mom bloggers whom I still connect with today and most importantly have formed friendships with.  Being a runner-up in last years top 30 mom blog ultimately  kick started my blogging career. In addition, last years  nomination expanded my network  immensely, and  many opportunities came my way.

Salma from The Write Balance and I taking a #selfie at last years party. She is the reason I was at the party!!
My two biggest supporters, my best friends by my side at last years Top Mom party.
Tamara Goyette ( last years winner) and I flaunting our swag bags! Thanks Vancouver Mom!
With the beautiful Susan Washington & Suzanne Siemens. These are two others I feel so blessed to have connected with.
Mom blogger and friend Andria Millard from the Cheerio Diaries and I.

These are the only photos I took at last years event but I met many other mom bloggers there that evening.  I’ve been so fortunate to connect with them, and hope to meet many more at this years event.

This year,  Vancouver Mom is hosting Fresh a party for the 2015 Top mom bloggers and it’s being held this Wednesday, June 17th at Nicole Bridgers beautiful new Gastown location. Whether you’re a blogger, mom, a blogging mom, or someone who just enjoys a good party, I hope you can make it to this years Top mom blogger party. Limited tickets are available and you can buy them here: Fresh 2015

I wish all the moms on this years list  a massive, heart-felt congratulations. I hope you  gain many connections and form friendships.

Life lesson in all of this: you never know where  a simple act of kindness ( like complimenting a strangers scarf ) can  lead you…

Hope to see you at the party!


Jamie Xx



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