My Mavi jogger jean shorts featuring mini photobombers

During May long weekend, I won a pair of Mavi jean shorts on Instagram! Mavi jeans -Yaletown store gave me the choice to come to their store and choose any pair I like! The staff was super friendly and helpful. One of the sales reps showed me all of their short styles and when he mentioned “jogger style” I immediately had to try them on. I just love being comfortable!

After trying on a few styles, I ended up choosing the ‘jogger jean’ style and I LOVE them!! They are comfy and soft, (I feel like I’m wearing pajama shorts) and I’m not sacrificing style!

When we got home, I decided I wanted to take some photos to share the shorts I won. I  thought the fence in our backyard would make a good backdrop, so I asked my husband to take some photos. Now, this is when things got funny!

During our mini amatuer-iPhone photo session, the kids ran around in the yard. I stood at the fence trying my hardest not to laugh while my husband took one  photo. Yup, that’s right. One photo! Are you kidding me? How does he not  know by now  women need at least three or four or twenty to choose from? So, I kindly asked him to take a few more. He held my phone in his hand and frantically replied,  “the food on the BBQ is going to burn!” While he took a few more shots, the kids decided to photobomb me. In other words, my fashion blogging photos turned into candid, real-life photos with my silly kids.

The smoke on the BBQ was calling my husband, so he passed me my phone, and I gave up on trying to get the  “perfect” shot.  I’m assuming fashion bloggers aren’t in their backyard,  barbecuing with the kids running around, or maybe they are and their kids just know not to jump in the photo.

Anyways, here’s a few shots of the shorts I won! I love them, and I love the “perfectly imperfect” photos too!


The one photo my husband took before  I told him he was crazy and I needed more!
And then the “photo bombers” jumped in!


And this is exactly why I chose the jogger style jean shorts, because I’m always chasing these lil ruckus’s around!

Thank you Mavi! I’m  going to live in these babies this Summer!





2 thoughts on “My Mavi jogger jean shorts featuring mini photobombers

  1. Love these and the length. Always on the hunt for a comfortable and cute pair of shorts. I usually spring for skirts vs. shorts on hot summer days, BUT I think these might need to be introduced into my wardrobe 🙂 THANKS

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