Last Friday I ate a Big Mac…

Last Friday, I ate a Big Mac. Yup. That’s right. A big, fat, juicy Big Mac from McDonald’s. I inhaled that sucker. And afterward, the guilt seeped in. Actually, I had guilt pretty much ALL day.  I’ll backtrack for you…

The morning started with helping my girls get ready for school, and doing the drop-offs. My youngest daughter has preschool for two and a half hours. Those two hours travel faster than the speed of light, I tell you. In those two hours, I managed to clean up the morning mess we left, throw in a load of laundry, check some emails, have a shower and get ready. After my shower, I got dressed in my Nicole Bridger dress, inside out, and took a selfie to share on social media.   I felt guilty for not being able to visit the Nicole Bridger factory store that morning and I really wanted to show my support, for fashion revolution day, so I posted the photo, and then… I realized I had five minutes until preschool pick up time!!!  In that five minutes, I quickly gathered my belongings, packed a snack for my daughter for the car ride to Vancouver.

I was traveling from Coquitlam to  Vancouver to the Just between Friends VIP lunch mingler hosted by Capital Q Creative and  I knew she wouldn’t last the car ride, without food, so… I needed to make sure I fed her something in the car. I dropped my daughter off at my sister’s place in Burnaby, rushed in, said hi to my nephew, quickly went to the bathroom, said my goodbyes and rushed out to the sale.

When I arrived at the sale, I realized I was still wearing my dress inside out!! I  walked in, in a bit of a frazzle, trying to zip the hood of my jacket. This is when good old Alicia, (you may know her as Alicia Fashionista) looked at me and said, ” Ok, what’s going on here? Let me help you.”  She helped me hang my jacket, and I began to mingle. It was so nice to see so many  faces of other mom bloggers and local entrepreneurs (who I rarely get to see in person.)

That being said,(and being the chatterbox I am), I wanted to mingle with everyone!

I managed to connect a bit with most, however, because I’m terrible at multi-tasking while I shop, and I want to give people my full attention when engaging in a conversation, I didn’t really shop. Needless to say, once I stopped chatting, I began to shop.

Now, here’s the thing… When I’m shopping a sale, I love to thoroughly take my time, and browse everything, not once, but three or four times! I just love finding a deal! I constantly thought about the other kids in my life too, hmm this might fit so and so. I wonder if so and so needs this. Anyways, by the time I finished, yes time. It’s a thing. And it sure goes by fast. I looked at my phone and noticed it was 2:30!!!! Anxiety kicked in and I panicked. Why? Because I had 30 minutes to pick up my daughter in Burnaby at my sister’s and then my other daughter in  Coquitlam from school! I couldn’t believe, I lost track of time like that! It was like I was in a daydream, floating through the aisles and time stood still. Except… it didn’t stand still. It went by like that extra five minutes you get when you hit the snooze button, and now I was left in yet another…frazzle!!!!!

I mentioned to the girls at JBF my dilemma. They looked at me with supportive, helpless eyes, and I responded, “O.k,  let’s take a picture! Suddenly, their eyes went from supportive to… are you crazy? When I realized I was trying to squeeze in a photo, before figuring out how I was going to get my kids on time, I laughed and said, ” Cause you know the photos more important!” In that instant, I sent a quick message to a mom friend asking if she could pick up my daughter. I kind of had a good feeling she would. Every once in a while, we save each other at pick up time. After sending the message, the girls and I took our photo at the photo wall, and then I rushed out of there!!

I sat in the parking lot, waiting for a response from my mom friend. Nothing. I called my mom. She was also in Vancouver, which put her in the same dilemma.  A couple more minutes passed until my phone buzzed.  My mom friend, wrote: No problem, I can grab her!  I sighed a gigantic sigh of( thank the lord she won’t be the last child standing alone at the school, waiting with worry ), and drove to my sisters to pick up my youngest.

When I arrived at my sister’s, my best friend, her baby and her Fiancé were sitting in the living room. I was so happy to see them! I sat for a few minutes, chatting with them, but when I looked at the time, I realized I had to go! My daughters had basketball games. One started at 5:00 pm, and the other at  6:30 pm. Immediately, the guilt returned. I wanted to stay and mingle. I don’t get to see my best friend as often as I used too. I felt bad for having such a short visit. But… I had to go!  Traffic on the freeway was built, I didn’t have time to sit in it.

I packed up my daughter, we said our goodbyes, and then we drove to pick up my other daughter at her friend’s place.  I thanked my mom friend for saving my a@#, gave her a giant hug, and left. Once we got home, I prepared my daughter a light snack, while she changed into her basketball gear. My eldest daughter walked through the door with a friend while I was making a snack, asking if I could give her friend a ride home. Being the pushover I am, feeling bad if she had to walk all the way to Burke Mountain, I drove her.

When we got in the car, my gas light went on. I didn’t care. Time was ticking. I drove the entire way without gas and filled up on the way back to the house to pick up my daughter. Thank god for full serve in Coquitlam! While we sat at the gas station, I gave my daughter a lecture about bringing friends home spontaneously,  asking if I can drive them home. It’s happened more than once.

When I arrived back in the house, my other daughter was crying because she didn’t want to be late for her game. She was peed off by her sister and blamed her because I had to drive her friend home.  My eldest had to gather her basketball gear, while we waited for her in the car.  At the same time, my husband pulled up into the driveway from work, jumped in the car with us ( in his work clothes) and we took off.

On the car ride, the blame game began. You know the ” Whose fault is it that we’re in a rush” game. I told everyone it didn’t matter and reassured my daughter we would get there soon. She gave her older sister the stink eye, for the rest of the ride.

The basketball game was fun to watch. My daughter gave it her all, but when it was over and we got in the car, she cried. She cried because her court time was less than usual, and was sad. My husband was starving. Because he joined us as soon as we got home, he didn’t have time to eat. I was also starving. It was hard for me to keep everyone happy, when my head was beginning to pound from hunger, and my heart was so full of guilt. We had half an hour before the next game. With limited time between games, we did the ” Ok,  where do you want to eat, thing.” That wasn’t working. One wanted Subway, one wanted sushi, and the time, well… time was ticking. For this reason, we ended up in the McDonalds drive-thru. When we got to the window, my husband looked at me, and without having to say a word, his eyes screamed, are you sure you want to eat this, I looked at him, and said,  ” Just get me a Big Mac!”

So there. That’s the story. That is why, I ended up eating a Big Mac in 3 seconds, last Friday.

I probably won’t have one for a long, long time. But… I’m going to stop feeling bad for eating it. Some days are just chaotic, without time for meal preps, there are tears, blame, joy, guilt, laughter,  conversations can’t always be intimate and long, and you know what? It’s life. It’s my beautiful, crazy, life. And to everyone that’s  a part of it, just know I love you and often times I feel guilty for not being able to give more of my time to you. But, thank you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for understanding how fast time flies;  for supporting, and most importantly, for not judging me for eating that fast, quick, easy, unhealthy, mouth-watering burger, while wearing an inside-out dress, and for almost forgetting my child at school.


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