CKNW Orphans Fund- “Shop Till You Drop” fundraiser

On, Wednesday, April 22nd I enjoyed a fabulous evening  at the “Shop Till  You Drop” event hosted by CKNW Orphans Fund,  in partnership with  Distinctive Women. The CKNW Orphans Fund is dedicated to enhancing lives of children with physical, mental, and social challenges living in BC communities. They distribute over $1.7 million annually to children most vulnerable in the province with a special focus on children that come from low-income households and need extra support for their development, including special therapies, medical equipment, educational bursaries, and camperships. They also give grants to non-profits, and other charitable organizations focused on children. Distinctive Women is  a national publication and online community that showcases exceptional entrepreneurs and outstanding achievers.

The event was held at the beautiful Creekside Community center in Vancouver. 100% of proceeds raised from this inaugural shopping event support children with special needs in  B.C.  People from all over the community donated their new and gently used clothing and accessories, including items from  Dragon & Phoenix Consignment and Twist fashions.

When I arrived at the event, I walked into a bright, large room, with a spectacular view of the city. The other spectacular view was the rolling racks of clothing,  tables of shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. It looked like heaven for women!  There was red and white wine compliments of Andrew Peller and canapes  from Joey restaurant Group, served by beautiful waitresses,  while we shopped. The amazing deals made it difficult for me to eat the yummy canapes because I didn’t want to miss out on a good find!  I  took a large bite of something yummy ( can’t remember what it was because my mind was so focused on shopping), and because my hands were so full, food bits dropped all over my shirt and on the floor. With a glass of wine in hand, and my purse in the other, I rummaged through the racks, and before I knew it, I had an arm full of clothing. Unfortunately,  I had to ditch my glass of wine, because my hands were so full! Needless to say, I’m not the greatest at multi-tasking while I shop.



After thoroughly going through the racks of clothing, (  I didn’t want to miss out on anything) I ended up purchasing a brand new condition,  designer purse, and a pair of brand new designer jeans:  for less than $100!! It felt so good finding such amazing deals, especially knowing the proceeds are going to a good cause. I love shopping for a cause!

The event buzzed with positive energy, (zero cat fights over clothing 😉 ) and I met some wonderful women!  My friend,  CKNW  Orphans Fund, executive director Jen Schaeffers and I had a great little chat about how happy it feels inside to de-clutter and donate to a good cause.  She’s such an amazing woman, with endless amounts of generous and positive energy.



Today, I found out, the “Shop Till You Drop ” event,  raised over $9000 dollars!!! CKNW will be generously donating to families like the Smiths who recently applied to them for respite care.

Maria is 7 years old and diagnosed with Thalassemia (blood disorder) that causes anemia, sensory issues and anxiety.  She’s also medicated for severe migraines and poor bone density.  Her brother, Ryan is 6 years old and diagnosed with ADHD, SPD and NOS Anxiety disorder, extreme motor delay and weak muscle tone.  He is not able to attend school due to extremely aggressive behavior and is currently awaiting an assessment for Autism. And finallyAiden is 2 years old and currently waiting for an assessment through the Infant Development Program at the Centre for Child Development.  He demonstrates aggressive and oppositional behaviours and has deficits in expressive language and sensory issues.

Both parents have recently suffered some extraordinary medical issues including breast cancer, severe depression and major surgery. The mother cannot lift anything over 10 pounds for the next 6 weeks. The family are requesting respite funding to allow proper care for the children when the parents require time for convalescing and recharging which will cost approx. $5,000.

 Stay tuned for CKNW Orphans Fund online auction and fundraiser in late May. They will have over 50 items including hotel stays, restaurant gift cards, golf, retail items, and much more amazing deals.

Follow CKNW Orphans Fund on Facebook, to view the rest of the photos taken by Anna Beaudry Photographic Design from the “Shop Till You Drop” Fundraiser!

I had such a great night out at the event! Every time I wear my new jeans or use my purse I will be reminded of the  Smith family. If only shopping always felt guilt-free and good for the soul, while creating  impact in the community; the world would be a better place. Thank you CKNW Orphans Fund and Distinctive Women for creating such a fun shopping event, all for a good cause!

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