Just Between Friends Spring/ Summer sale April 24th-26th

Local Moms Help Vancouver Stay Green and Wallets Lean
Just Between Friends celebrates the environmentally and budget conscious mom with spring

Spring is well underway which means the Just Between Friends spring/summer sale is quickly approaching.  I love a good sale, especially when it comes to children’s items. Kids grow like weeds, and buying brand new with three children isn’t always practical. Having three children is expensive, so I’m not a snob whatsoever when it comes to purchasing gently used items for them.  In fact, if you think about it, shopping a consignment sale, is considered buying recycled goods! As a matter of fact, the JBF sale is going  green  this spring.  Here’s what they have to say:

Just Between Friends’ children’s consignment sale has a bit of a green twist this spring. Not only will
the sale bring money to the local economy, but Vancouver families are recycling by re-selling.
Inspired by Earth Day and other environmentally friendly initiatives, Just Between Friends, or
JBF for short, has also decided to go bag-less for their upcoming sale.
The success of previous JBF sales has shown that there’s a need for this kind of event in
Vancouver. The demand for trendy kid’s clothing and must-have toys is why moms shop Just
Between Friends. “They can get these items for up to 90% off the retail price,” JBF Vancouver
franchise owner, Yendi Pang explains, “Consigning has become a trend on its own, just out of
necessity. Buying new is not only expensive, but can be extremely wasteful.” In the day and
age of over consumption, buying pre-used items is the ultimate way to recycle through reselling.
Just Between Friends wants to offer a greener way for Mom’s to shop. “These days we are all
about over consumption,” says Pang, “Kids outgrow their clothing far before they wear them out.
We’re here to make sure perfectly good items are used to their fullest potential.”
This season JBF Vancouver is going bag-less as another measure to go green. “We encourage
our shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.” says Pang. “Be sure to bring more than you
think you’ll need. Shoppers are always surprised by just how many amazing things they are able
to find at the sale.”

 About JBF

Just Between Friends is a three day sale event that gives Vancouverites an opportunity to help
each other. Local families recycle items their kids no longer need by re-selling their clothing,
toys, furniture and equipment their kids have outgrown (ages 0-18). With items at 50-90% off
the retail price, this means huge savings for those shopping for children’s items. Different from
swap meets, Just Between Friends consignors don’t work tables to sell their own goods.
Though they do control pricing and item tagging, they simply drop them off and a team of local
JBF volunteers sell their items for them. Unsold merchandise is then donated to local charities
such as Aunt Leah’s Place, Crabtree Corner, or Baby Go-Around. The next JBF sale is April
24-26 at the Croatian Cultural Centre.

If you would like to shop the JBF sale I have free passes for my readers for Saturday, April 25th. Simply print out this coupon, (showing it on your phone won’t work)  bring it with you to the sale, and you have access to shop a half an hour earlier, starting at 8:30 am (regular hours start at 9 am. ) In addition, you get free admission!



So, let’s stay green and keep our wallets lean, by shopping the JBF sale, for our kiddos spring/summer items. Saving money, always feels good on the inside!


Happy Saving!!!


Jamie Xxoo


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