She Talks YVR

On Saturday, March 7th,  She Talks will  take  place at the Chandos Pattison Auditorium, in Surrey B.C. This inaugural event is being  held in honour of International Women’s day with proceeds going towards a scholarship for an emerging female leader at Simon Fraser University.

There will be a panel of 15 women, who will each speak for 8 minutes on how they are changing their  world, how they view their role as women as innovators, leaders, creators, change-makers and create impact, the “she way”.

I feel so honored to speak at this event mostly  because of the diverse  speaker panel.  It’s so incredible to see women from a variety of life experiences, career experiences, educational backgrounds and views of the world, celebrated in one  day.

Natasha Raey, She Talks Founder,  truly exemplifies an amazing woman, who does a lot of outstanding work.   In Natasha’s words,  “Women are amazing and we really can do it all.”   In other words, she sees a lot of  amazing women out there doing incredible work, and  wanted to create a day to celebrate this.


I strongly agree that women are amazing, and we have definitely come along way, in terms of all the things women  have done in history. However, as a mother, blogger, advocate  and volunteer in my community, I see so many women out there especially mothers, trying  to do  it all.  Yet, their not  giving themselves enough credit, and are left feeling like their work isn’t enough.

For this reason,  conferences like She Talks are so imperative.  It’s a place  to connect. It’s a place where we can come together, and hear the life stories, that make us human. Rather than measure up to the speakers on the stage, women can come and celebrate one another’s unique lives. It’s these real-life, perfectly imperfect stories  that truly inspire others. Not only  is hearing these stories inspiring, but it also creates connection, in turn  creating community.

The saying, “it takes a village” reminds  me of   She Talks.  Events like She Talks are the  modern-day village women need,  to keep making  incredible waves in history. Because, yes, we can do it all, but we can’t do it all  alone.

If you’re free this weekend, I hope to see you at the first ever She Talks conference which was also mentioned on as one of the top 10 worldwide International Women’s Day events that you’d be crazy to miss!

You can buy your tickets at 


I hope to see you there!







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