3ThingsThursday- Three things I gained from being a Stella and Dot stylist,and why I’ve decided to move on

It’s Thursday again! This week for Three Things Thursday I want to share with you something I’ve wanted to share since the beginning of the new year. As most of you know I am a part-time Stella and Dot stylist. However, I’ve made the decision to retire fully from being a stylist this Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I love accessories. However, I’m not passionate about selling accessories. I found that I was  putting my Stella and Dot on the back burner last year to pursue things I was passionate about like: writing, volunteering, working with children, and most importantly, Styling the inside.

I began my journey in direct sales two years ago, after owning and operating a multi-age childcare center. Once  I gave birth to my third daughter, I decided that I needed a break from working with children and wanted to focus solely on raising my own. I did however, still want to make some extra money while staying home with my daughters. Thus, I decided to become a Stella and Dot stylist.  I attended a few Stella and Dot trunk shows, and loved their stuff! I also loved the flexibility and the job was so fun! I would  set up my jewels at someone’s house, help style the guests at the show, and in turn,  help the hostess earn free jewelry.  I was also surrounded by wine, yummy appetizers, and women. Yes… Women! Not children. No diapers. No tantrums. No cleaning. No mediating. Simply just hanging out with other women!

My first year as a stylist I was pretty successful. I consistently booked trunk shows, I grew a team of a few stylists and made some top Canadian sales while winning some great swag!

So why am I retiring?

Because… I feel like I got what I needed from working as an independent stylist with Stella and Dot. And… I can only put so much on my plate. I have to be realistic with my time and rank what is most important in my life.

This was a decision that made me feel at times like I was perhaps being a quitter. However, I simply knew my heart fully wasn’t in it any longer.

So what three things did becoming a Stella and Dot stylist do for me?

1. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, to try something completely different, after teaching children for many years.

2. It gave me a reason to talk to people. Instead of approaching a stranger and saying hi. I felt like I had a valid reason to say hi. “Hi, I love your necklace!”  “Have you heard of Stella and Dot?”

3. It helped me build a network. After approaching my own personal network of friends and family, I had to push myself to expand this network further. I mean, my friends weren’t going to keep hosting trunk shows for me. How did I do this? I simply kept talking to people and  following up with them.  As a result,  I  built new relationships. 

Stella and Dot was fun. I met lots of women, and made extra income while staying home with my daughters. I know some very successful Stella and Dot stylists who have been going  strong for over five years now! I can see and feel how passionate they are with this career they chose. If you love accessories and fashion and are looking for a flexible way to earn some extra money, then I highly recommend becoming a Stella and Dot stylist.

Sometimes in life we are more successful at things than others. When our hearts are fully immersed in the job that we are doing, it shows in our work. My heart is fully immersed in things that I’m truly passionate about and it’s o.k to let go of what isn’t working any longer. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of growing. And, if it wasn’t for my Stella and Dot journey,  I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Now when I approach people to talk to them, I don’t feel like I need a reason.  Working as a Stella and Dot stylist enabled me to approach people with  courage and confidence.

I also have some pretty nice accessories to remind me of my journey with Stella and Dot!


Thanks for reading the three things I gained from my Stella and Dot journey! If you would like to share three things on Thursdays you can do so by linking up with The Write Balance, Pink Chai Living, and Laugh Love Mirch.

Jamie XO

6 thoughts on “3ThingsThursday- Three things I gained from being a Stella and Dot stylist,and why I’ve decided to move on

  1. Jamie, you have made such an impact on my life and will continue to do so for many years! I’m thrilled that you made the decision to join my Stella & Dot team so that we could connect and truly style each other on the inside. This business can do so much more for women than they realize, it isn’t just about sales and service. Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for joining me on my Stella & Dot journey and being a part of what makes me love what I do so much….helping women find joy and the means to style their own life!! XO

    1. Stacy! Thank you for coming into my life! Your mentorship truly helped me grow as a person. I feel blessed to know you. The Stella and Dot community is so fortunate to have such a strong, empowering woman like you to look up to! You truly embody someone who loves what they do!

  2. Good for you, Jamie! It’s so important to be in tune with what is serving us and what isn’t. And I love how you were able to recognize the gifts that being a stylist brought you – and those are only going to help you in the next leg of your juurney! Very excited for you!

    1. Thank you so much Taslim. I’m glad I could recognize the gifts being a Stella and Dot stylist brought me. It makes moving on easier. Thanks again for all of your continuous support. It means the world to me! xx

  3. Your accessories always did look fabulous Jamie! It’s good that you realize that you’re ready to move on to something else. Your blog and your writing is really great and I wish you lots of success! Happy to have you linking up to #3ThingsThursday

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