First day back to routine after the holidays

Tomorrow is the first day back to our regular routine. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the quality time, late nights and lazy mornings. I will however admit, I am ready to get back into routine!!! I was beginning to forget what day of the week it was!

Although I loved spending so much time with my girls, I admit (with some guilt) I’m ready for them to go back! Although these last two weeks have been a break, and somewhat relaxing,  they have also been not-so-relaxing. I mean, they needed to eat three times a day, with snacks in between!! I couldn’t just pack them a lunch and send them on their merry way. I even thought about using paper plates, because the dishes kept piling up but… I’m a trooper;) The sibling rivalry the last couple of days has been at an ultimate high. My mediating began to lack patience, so I tried to let them fend for themselves. Letting the girls  fend for themselves usually resulted in screaming and someone ended up in tears. Needless to say, my role as mediator was much-needed. Our sleeping hours were complete opposite of our normal routine hours. The girls were in bed super late. As a result, they would sleep in,  until almost 11 am! That being said, this made it hard for me to get the girls up and out of the house. Some days,  my eldest would call me crazy, and state that these were her HOLIDAYS. A.K.A:  She shouldn’t have to get up and get out of the house early. I also found it extremely hard to get any blogging or other work done with the girls being home with me all day.

It’s funny how when we’re  in routine, I can’t wait to stop packing lunches, dealing  with the morning hustle and bustle, and have a break. And then… Once the holidays are almost over…I can’t wait for the kids to get back to school,  so I can have a  break!

It really is bitter-sweet. Also a huge lesson on enjoying the moment!!

Here’s some photos of our holidays!


This was our last family photo taken on New Years eve before our daughters were invited to their friend’s house up the street for a sleepover party. They made the tough decision to ditch us!!


Santa brought someone an 18″ doll house  for her American Girls.
A little trip to Van Dusen Gardens on a very chilly night. Don’t be fooled by the pretty lights, there was a bit of bickering to get this photo 😉


The family slept over on Christmas eve, it was such a fun-filled Christmas morning! We love my sisters new selfie stick:)
I caught them hugging after my daughter found a gift she forgot to give her sister!
And these two trying each others bubble tea flavors. Like I mentioned the sibling rivalry didn’t start until closer to the end of the holidays.
On the Last Saturday of the holidays, these two had a spa night! Their personalities really shine through in this picture!





Hope you enjoyed some much-needed holidays with your families too! Back to the grind tomorrow!


Jamie xo





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