Happy Hump Day, to the coffee barista ❤️

As I write this,  I am sitting at a Waves coffee shop  sipping on a foamy soy vanilla latte. My daughters are at school. I have about an hour and a half left before I have to pick up my youngest. Rather than running around, scrambling to get things done, before I pick her up, I decide to stop, and sit in a coffee shop.

The coffee shop is filled with chatter, and the barista is urgently rushing around making drinks, taking orders, and clearing off tables. She is short-staffed. She seems stressed, and a bit frantic. She also hasn’t brought my bran muffin over to me and I’ve been sitting here for fifteen minutes. Should I mention anything? Probably. Will I mention it? Maybe.

You see, I feel her frantic, urgent rush and I completely understand how she could forget my muffin. I understand what it’s like to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I understand what it feels like to take orders while trying to remember them. I understand what it’s like to quickly clean up a mess, and then within minutes, clean up another. I understand that multitasking can be a challenge and cause forgetfulness. I understand, not because I am a coffee barista, but because,  I am a mom.

I don’t think I will mention the muffin. From my observation,  she is  doing the best that she can, with the only two hands that she has:  just like a mom.

Today I chose to take  time to sit, relax and sip on a latte, instead of running around and doing errands. Today is ‘hump day’ and I hope that the barista has a relaxing weekend, and takes some time out for herself to sit and relax.  She deserves it.  We all deserve it ❤️

Happy Hump Day!

Jamie xo


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