“Get rid of something old, to bring in the new” – consign your belongings, shop and connect at the Just Between Friends Sale!

Styling the inside of my home and keeping it organized will  always be something that I continually do.   With my  growing family of three, the amount of stuff that enters our home, is tremendous, therefore an organized, simplified home,  in my opinion,  feels like a less chaotic home.  If  you came into our home,  you wouldn’t  see very much clutter. My motto is, everything in the home,  needs to have its own home. If an item that we are considering, doesn’t have a place in the home,  then we have to  get rid of something old,  to make room for the new. This  has worked well for my girls,  and while they  contemplate purchasing a new  item ( with their allowance, birthday money, etc) ,  they also have to contemplate what they don’t use any longer. My family members and friends know that I purge and get rid of stuff when I can. For the most part,  my purging is spontaneous. I walk around the house with a garbage bag, starting with one room at a time. I look around for stuff,  that we no longer use. I love the emotional release I feel,  when I get rid of stuff. It’s actually very therapeutic to simplify.  Some days,  I do it with the kids,  it’s always harder for them to let go of their belongings then it is for me.  I explain to them that when we get rid of the clothes and toys that we longer use,  we give other children,  the opportunity to use them,  and sometimes these children aren’t as privileged as we are. When we give our items to them,  they get new shoes, a warm coat or a new toy!  I admit,  there  have been times that I have waited for the kids to be out of the house, and got rid of their belongings, when they weren’t around.  A natural reaction for my girls,  especially when they were toddlers and preschoolers,  was to keep everything. I found it easier,  to get rid of the little goody bag trinkets, and toys that were collecting dust, when they weren’t home, so that I didn’t have to deal with the, “No,  I still play with that !”  However,  as my  girls grow older,  I no longer get rid of their belongings without their consent. Mostly because I would hate it if someone got rid of my belongings without my permission!  They are also old enough to realize what belongings are no longer developmentally appropriate for them. And even my three year old, recently gave her baby cousin her hard board books, because she considers them “baby” books now.  The girls  are at an age where some items are more sentimental than others. My  girls each  have a  large Tupperware keepsake box, with sentimental items inside,  such as, art work, special birthday cards,  newborn outfits, gifts from family members from other countries, ( my best friend bought my girls these gorgeous hand crafted paper kites from China, and another friend gave them  little stuffed  handmade safari animals from Africa, these are definitely  keepsakes.)  My mom kept a keepsake box  for all of us when we were younger,  and I truly appreciate that she did .

When  I give my  girls a  choice to decide which items they no longer use, this in turn helps them learn to  prioritize their  belongings, de-clutter,  stay organized and give. I always say,  “If we kept everything,  we would be hoarding,  and it feels so much better to give,  than it does to hoard.”  ( I’ve also showed them an episode or two of hoarders 😉 ) We  give our items to local charities, clothes drives, and younger family members and friends. The result of decluttering in our home, is less chaos, harmony, comfort and peace.

Recently, our middle daughter wanted to buy a new American Girl Doll, my husband suggested selling some belongings that she no longer uses, on Craigslist. They posted her Nintendo 3D S and she earned $125.00! She was so excited, that she began to look around for more things to sell! And speaking of selling items, if you want to declutter some of your belongings, and bring some peace into your home,  you wont  want to miss the  Just Between friends sale coming up November 21-23 at the Croatian Cultural Centre. I have always been a donator, but if you can make money from your belongings you no longer use,  like my daughter and her Nintendo D S,  it’s a win-win! The just Between Friends Sale, is a huge consignment sale event with an incredible selection of  baby, children and maternity items. The sale happens twice per year, once in the fall and spring. What is unique about the sale is that it doesn’t run like your typical mommy swap meet, where the seller sits behind the table. JBF does the selling part for you! As a consignor you are in control of pricing, and tagging your items, you can download the tags from their site vancouverbc.jbfsale.com. and then simply  drop them off! The items that are not sold at the event, can be picked up, or you can choose to have them donate them for you, to their local non-profit  charity partner, Aunt Leah’s Place. This organization provides safe and secure housing and programs, to young people, as well as  practical life skills, for a successful transition into adulthood.


The JBF sale is about more than just a sale. It’s a place for moms to come together, sell, volunteer,  shop and  connect. You can be a consignor/seller, a vendor, a volunteer, and of course a consumer! If you are interested in selling items, be sure to have a look here  for all the information you need regarding tagging, pricing and drop off/pick up times. If you decide that you would like to volunteer at the event, there are some really great perks! Check them out here!  And last but not least, if you are interested in shopping at the sale, be sure to check out the event hours and ways that you can shop early, here!  Children grow out of their clothes and toys so quickly, and this is why us moms love a good sale!


I will also be at the JBF sale, selling some of my new and gently used, Stella and Dot samples at discounted prices of half off and more! After all, I can’t hoard all my jewels! And us  practical moms deserve to spoil ourselves too! When there’s a discount , we have less guilt and walk away without buyers remorse 😉  I hope to see you there!

And be sure to RSVP to the JBF twitter party on November, 13th 8-9pm. There are prizes to be won!

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