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Modern Fort


Recently a friend of mine launched something so awesome that I have to share! If you haven’t heard of  Modern Fort yet, now’s your chance.

Modern Fort is a business founded by a group of women social entrepreneurs, that believe in creating a brighter, kinder community. Their intention is to build awareness on real social issues among children and adolescence while funding meaningful projects through their apparel and home designs.

Awareness for what you may ask? 

Social awareness, that supports children and adolescents in their social, emotional, and mental well-being.

How will their designs and products do this?

Each month, they will feature a different campaign, organization or project, aimed at creating change, and making a difference. Each  Modern Fort product that is purchased during the campaign will bring awareness and partial proceeds will go towards the cause. Seriously, how great is that? Talk about guilt free shopping!  This month proceeds are going towards Project True, a non-profit organization in our very own city, that provides recovery-based support to those who suffer from body image disorders and or disordered eating. October isn’t over just yet, and you can still shop for this cause with Modern Fort.



I am in love with Modern Forts products, and I’m especially in love with the concept behind the designs.  They are building  stronger communities, creating positive change,  and a platform for individuals to connect and collaborate on real social issues. This ripple will, in turn,  create a stronger, more aware, kind generation.

Oh and I’m really in love with their motto, One month. One Campaign. One Love.

If you know of a cause or organization that is doing some pretty amazing things, contact Modern Fort, they would love to hear about it and spread the love.



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