Trust your friend, Gut or you might end up with a ticket

This morning after dropping off the girls at school, (three different schools to be exact). I had a couple of errands to run. I had to grab dog food and exchange some money at the bank.

After I left the bank, I remembered that I had some library books in the car to return. I decided to get it over with and return them so I drove into the parking lot and I pulled into a spot that strictly read, NO LIBRARY PARKING.

The angel on my shoulder, (I named her GUT), whispered, “You might get a ticket, you shouldn’t park there.”

The devil on my shoulder, (I named him, REBEL), however, said,  “Its fine, it’s only two minutes, you’re all good.”

Without hesitation,  I listened to my good old friend Rebel, because he and I go way back.

I walked quickly into the library, books in hand, and instead of going straight to the book drop off, I remembered that I dropped some G Day for Girls flyers off in the community area, earlier in the week- so I decided to check if anyone took any. I noticed about five were missing! I smiled to myself and carried on.

Next, I walked up to the book return, (holding my pee the entire time), and dropped the books off.

Then I asked for the restroom because I felt like I was going to pee my pants!

Hey, after three kids, bladder control is never the same (sorry friends that aren’t parents yet, it’s the truth, do your Kegels).

On my way out of the washroom, I saw on a fancy shelf (it was calling my name) “Everything to know about ADHD”

Hmm, I always thought I might have ADHD, so of course, I stopped and browsed through a few of the books. While browsing for, (I don’t even know how long), I remembered that I parked in the, NO LIBRARY PARKING!

I dropped the book and quickly walked out of the library towards my car.

When I got to my car, I had a big fat ticket 😥

My little angel friend, Gut, she whispered,  “I told you so” and then my little devil friend, Rebel, he said, angrily,  “You are going to dispute that S*%#!!!”

I got in the car, feeling disappointed in myself for not trusting my good old friend, Gut. I’m sure she was disappointed in me too.

Gut whispered to me, “Maybe, you should borrow those ADHD books at your next trip to the library after you park in the right spot. You get distracted very easily.”

My old pal Rebel,  he didn’t have anything to say. He was probably still trying to figure out how to dispute the ticket.

Moral of the story: trust your friend Gut!! Follow the rules on the damn signs, and pee before you leave the house!!!!!!!!




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