How to become a curious, courageous, question asker

Curiosity is so much better when it’s shared. We can keep our curiosity to ourselves or we can ask these questions out loud.

Children ask questions about everything all the time. We don’t always necessarily have the correct answers for them or the answer they may want to hear, but here’s the great thing; these questions spark conversation! And as the adult on the receiving end, we feel pretty important, because these children think we know it all.

Children also have the tendency to shamelessly ask personal questions out of pure curiosity. These questions can come across as cute and other times surprise you. And inside, you can’t help but laugh.

However, when you’re an adult and you flat-out ask, “how much do you weigh? or “how old are you?” It’s not so cute.

For anyone that knows me, they know  I’m a chatty gal. I engage in conversations with others and I usually ask a lot of questions. I don’t ask questions to make others feel like they’re sitting in a job interview. I ask questions, being mindful, of course of privacy, to engage with the other person.

Asking questions shows you are interested. It also shows you think the person is interesting, and your conversation isn’t based solely on you!

For the most part, asking questions has resulted for me, in learning new things, and great conversation!

So how did I become such a curious, question asker?

In order for me to engage in these interesting conversations, I really had to go back to my own inner curiosity. I had to have confidence, like a child, to ask questions, without worrying that the question may be silly. Of course, always being mindful of privacy, but ultimately, I just had to ask!

And I’m not just talking about asking questions to engage in great conversation.

I’m also talking about having the courage to ask for the things that you want.

Children ask for what they want all the time, and it doesn’t matter how many times they hear a “no”, you would be amazed at how resilient they are! They brush off that “no”, like it’s a  piece of dust and move on to the next person, (like their grandparents).

They will continue to ask until they get what they want. They may not get it instantly, but if it’s really important to them, they will find a way!

We need to have the courage and persistence, like children, to ask for what we really want.

If it’s important to us, then we should ask, regardless of how many “no’s” we may get along the way.

My favorite quote from Oprah is this:


“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”

That being said, stay curious, be courageous and most importantly, ask questions.


End of conversation ❤


Jamie xo


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