Tender Loving Care

You know that story by Robert Munsch, “Love You Forever?”

As soon as you become a parent, you can totally relate to this story.

Your children, no matter what age, are always somewhat your babies.

Every time you look at them, you are still in awe that they are yours, and amazed at how fast they really do grow.

My third baby, (she’s, in fact, a preschooler now) is sick. I can’t help but stare at her while she’s sleeping. I curl up beside her, sniff her cheeks like I do to all my babies and capture the beautiful moment with my iPhone.



Yes, I had a million other things that I could have done. However, I couldn’t help but to lay with her, stroke her hair, and enjoy the quiet together.

When your child is sick and helpless,  you just want to take ALL of their pain away.

Although you can’t take their pain away, you can, however, stop what you are doing and give extra cuddles, extra kisses and a lot of tender, loving care ❤

And that is exactly what I did today because one day, she’s not going to let me post selfies of her sleeping next to me. LOL!



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