Gnubees #simplyhealthykids giveaway



Styling the inside, starts with nutrition. If we want our children to feel good on the inside, then we need to start with what we are feeding them. The nutrients that our children receive, have a significant impact on their physical and mental health. My girls had the pleasure of trying a very tasty, nutritional beverage, that delivers balanced and nutritious deliciousness. This drink is called Gnubees! The packaging is über cute, and Eco friendly. It’s the perfect drink to add into my girls lunches. Being a mother of three , and always on the go, I’m all about convenience. Sometimes, convenience isn’t always healthy, so when I came across Gnubees , I fell in love! I love the orange flavour and the girls really enjoy raspberry. They can be enjoyed cold, you can freeze them or drink them at room temperature. Best of all, they are made local!


Here’s some more info on this nutritious drink for kids:

Made fresh locally in Burnaby in small, environmentally-friendly, craft batches.
· Nutritionally balanced. Each pouch contains 15% all recommended vitamins and minerals plus 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre and is LOW GI (glycemic index).
· Each serving contains all 9 amino acids that children require for development.
· Although gnubees taste best cold, they do not require refrigeration during transport or storage.
· Every pouch is made with only premium ingredients ensuring even delivery of nutrients without sugar highs or energy slumps.
· Backseat-friendly packaging with a spill-proof spout and easy-open choke-proof cap.



I want you and your family to try Gnubees too! Use hashtag #simplyhealthykids and post a photo on your Facebook or Instagram of your child doing something healthy. It can be as simple as something that they are eating or a physical activity. Make sure to tag me in your post, so I can choose a winner! The winner will receive a gnusante snack pack,( one month supply of Gnubees valued at $95)


Contest closes on September 30th! Post your photo ASAP for your chance to win!


You can also enter the Gnubees giveaway for an even greater chance of winning @


Good luck!!




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