RIP Robin Williams


Tonight we rushed out of our home for an impromptu trip to Stanley Park to watch Mrs.Doubtfire. Mrs. Doubtfire was one of my childhood favourites. My daughters have enjoyed this film before, but in memory of Mr. Williams we thought it would be nice to enjoy our very first movie under the stars watching an iconic actor, in a classic family film.

During the car ride a conversation with my daughters was raised about how Robin Williams passed away. We had a conversation about suicide and how having an illness such as depression is part of mental health. We conversed about how our mental health can affect us, and how often times we may never know that something internally is bothering somebody. This is especially true in Mr.Williams case. He made millions of people laugh in front of the screen and his superb acting and comedic talent makes it hard to believe that internally he was suffering.


His death hit close to home for me because my intentions when I started Styling the Inside was to use my voice to help people see that our lives are a work in progress and creating one that feels good on the inside, in my opinion is the key to healthy mental health and happiness.

Tonight, we sit under the stars and laugh once again at Mr.Williams exceptional role in Mrs.Doubtfire. As we watch, we are reminded of his talent, his skills and we are especially reminded that we can not judge a book by it’s cover and in this case what we see on our screens.

RIP Robin Williams❤️


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