A mom has to do, what a mom has to do…to stay sane!

After a thirty minute, and I mean a bad-ass thirty minute Jillian Micheals at -home workout, I’m dripping in sweat!   It takes a lot of willpower to let go of the excuses that keep playing through my mind like a broken record, however, once I tell the excuses to, well you know the word I’m looking for, and I get it done, I feel amazing! Not only does it feel amazing that I’ve conquered through a bad-ass at -home workout session, but I also didn’t have to get in my car, drive to a gym, find child-minding, pack a bag, etcetera. I know some people prefer their gym routine, or a have a personal trainer. However,  if you’re like me and do not enjoy the gym or find it hard to find the time to get there, then I highly recommend at -home workouts!


I’ve always loved Jillian Micheals at home DVDs because she is so bad-ass and pretty awesome with the ladies. I can feel her screaming at me through my television screen, saying things such as, ” You want that dent in your butt, then you have to work for it!” “You want to  wear those skinny jeans, well nothing comes for free!” “You want more health, happiness? Then all I’m asking is for thirty minutes, you’ve got thirty minutes!! I would rather die than work out for an hour, thirty minutes is all I’m asking, and you CAN do this!”

So you see how encouraged I feel during my sweat sessions with Jillian. She usually incorporates her thirty non-stop minutes with metabolic training, strength training and cardio followed by a cool down. I’ve seen great results in the past with her workouts and I’ve recently started again.

In the meantime, if you have wanted to start a new workout regime, just had a baby, or need a quick workout, without driving to a gym, then Jillian can be your at -home, personal trainer, or any other DVD that you prefer. I know a ton of people who have seen phenomenal results with other DVDs such as P90x. Currently, I’m doing Jillian’s ninety-day program called Body Revolution.


I know some moms who prefer not to work out with their children around because it can be so distracting. I also know first hand this is true. However, there have also been many occasions when my daughters see me doing the workout and join in!

Needless to say, exercising at home has its perks too.

I hope that when my daughters see their mommy exercising and taking care of her health and wellness, that they, in turn, will do the same.

After all, a mom that takes care of herself, (whether she is doing a 30-minute workout or going for a brisk walk alone)  is emotionally equipped with a little more patience, kindness, and love for her children.

Sometimes a mom has to do, what a mom has to do, to stay sane!

So set the guilt aside and make some time out to get your thirty minutes of physical activity in, your mental health will thank you!







9 thoughts on “A mom has to do, what a mom has to do…to stay sane!

  1. I used to do at-home workouts to Jillian Michaels too! I’d try and get them a little busy and hope to get the full 20 minutes in, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t 🙂 You look fab by the way.

  2. Great post! I love seeing moms get active 😊 Way to go! I completely agree that one of my motivations to exercise is to stay same or at least reach some level of sanity. My girls always seem to interrupt so I’ve become a gym goer. Although it is difficult to get out sometimes, I’ll do a quick plyo circuit at home. I love Jillian Michaels. She has received tons of criticism but I feel she is a strong, fit woman who compliments a certain personality and she does her job very well. I’ll definitely look into those DVDs one of these days. 😊

  3. Great post hun! I’m also a fan of home workouts. The time it would take me to get to a gym I’d have almost completed an at-home workout. In the past I used to workout during Elias’s naps, but he’s gotten good now, he can watch me with very little interruption and sometimes like your daughters, he likes to copy me. Hehe! Keep up the good work mama! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Ana! You are absolutely right, by the time it takes to get to a gym, you could be done! I’m glad Elias doesn’t interrupt you very much and you can get those at-home work outs done! You look fabulous!

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