Screw the Joneses!



We have all heard or perhaps have used the phrase, ” keeping up with the Joneses.” The reality is that the Joneses are an imaginative family with the perfect home,marriage,children and bank account. Social media is now the outlet for society to share their highlight reels, and this makes keeping up with the Joneses,seem less imaginary. While the Joneses used to be a figment of our imagination,or a family/couple/neighbour that you might have compared with, they are now visually the people we see in our social media feeds. They are rich, have the perfect skin, bodies, clothes, homes, cars, careers and children. This life that society feels the need to compare to is like looking merely at the outside of someone’s home. You only see the exterior. What if the exterior of the home, had long uncut grass,chipped paint, a broken window and needed a new roof. Would this home be fitting for the Joneses? Absolutely not! The Joneses have a persona and if their grass is long, well my goodness, people might assume that they aren’t perfect! Society wouldn’t have the perfect family to live up to. These imperfections on the outside of the home, need a bit of work,and the reality is so do we. How would we evolve if everything was already perfect?

I say screw the Joneses and screw perfect! Trying to live up to a family that doesn’t even exist or the real people in our media feeds, isn’t going to make the life that we are living any better. Loving the life that you live, imperfections and all, however will.

So how do we love the life that we live without comparisons?

1. Stop assuming that everyone else’s life is better than your own.
We are all human and each and every one of us has our own internal struggles. If you find yourself comparing, dig deep and ask yourself what it is that they have that you want and why? Are you perhaps unhappy with something in your own life and if so,then work towards getting happy in that area.

2. Focus on your own life
When you focus on your own life, set goals and meet them, you are much too busy focusing on your own progress than the progress of others.

3. Tap into your own creativity
Whatever your creative outlet may be, (mine is writing this; ).When you spend time discovering YOU , and get your creative juices flowing, you spend less time comparing to the people who you might feel are creative and instead become inspired by them.

4. Exercise
When you exercise, you release happy endorphins and when you feel happy, your life feels happy😊 You have more confidence, more energy, and in the process become healthier.

5. Spend time with people who inspire you, appreciate you and especially people you can learn from.

When you spend time with people who appreciate you, you begin to appreciate you! When you appreciate who you are, your self-esteem isn’t wrapped up in other people’s validation.

When we spend time with people that we can learn and grow from, we learn and grow! So the next time you find yourself comparing to someone you might feel is smarter. Why not, pick their brain, which in turn will make you smarter!

6. Last but not least, approach life with an attitude of gratitude.

When you are grateful, your life will begin to feel like more of a blessing than a struggle.

I know that all of this is sometimes easier said than done,  but these actions help us create a life that feels good on the inside,not just one that looks good on the outside, like the damn Joneses! So enrich your life with all the things that money can’t buy and you will inspire people to do the same.


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