Our staycation

My husband had some  vacation  days  at the end of June. Since we have some travel plans coming up in the next year, we decided to stay local and enjoy a family staycation. Staycations have become more common in the last few years, especially for parents who have growing families, families who have one income, people who just purchased a home, Etc. Whatever the reason for a  staycation may be, they can be enjoyable for anyone who is willing to discover their own city. Summers in our city are gorgeous, and packed with a wide variety of places to go and things to do.

During our staycation, we ventured out to local attractions such as the  Capilano  Suspension BridgeGranville Island, Stanley Park, China Town, Richmond Night Market, The Vancouver Aquarium, we saw the Canada day fireworks from our friends balcony, with a spectacular view from the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel We also went on hikes, literally  pigged out at our favourite restaurants, and tried some new ones, including the flying pig in Yale town. We also went to beaches, swimming pools and of course we went to the nearby lakes. Our days were jam-packed, fun, and very spontaneous.

Charley enjoying the aqua bus to Granville Island
waiting for our table at our favorite restaurant in China Town, Phnom Penh.
Evening spent at White Pine Beach which is about a 10 minute drive from our place.
My wonderful friend hosted Canada Day from her beautiful home at The Fairmont Pacific Rim. It was such a great day!
Late evening exploring The Richmond Night Market, especially all the YUMMY food!
Our amazing view from our friends balcony at The Fairmont pacific Rim hotel of the Canada day fireworks.
Canada day at The Fairmont pool! This munchkin was loving the hot tub.
Spent the day with the girls and their cousin at The Vancouver Aquarium.


Enjoying an evening swim on a cloudy day at Second Beach Pool. We were the ONLY family in the pool!!!
enjoying Pajos at Rocky Point Park with my pal and her family. She looooved their fish and chips!!
My BFF and my girls posing with their ice cream cones!
The Flying pig in Yale Town was very accommodating to our family during their very busy happy hour. Nyomi was very happy that they hung her flying pig drawing on the wall for the rest of the day!
Chilling at Third beach Stanley park
A drink for me, and virgin for my pregnant bestie. We thought a drink was mandatory while we were lounging at the pool.


Happy Hour at the Flying Pig is a must!



Cupcakes make life sweeter. Can’t have dinner without dessert! Cupcakes on English Bay, was the perfect way to end our evening.
If you haven’t had a waffle from Neros on Robson then you need to get there asap!
A little rain doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re at The Capilano Suspension bridge! A picture with our rain coat/garbage bags was a must!
Buntzen lake is beautiful for hiking.
Couldn’t leave English Bay without posing on these guys!







This beach day was extra special with a visit from a bff from out-of-town. It was a day filled with quality time.



Although we slept at home every night during our staycation, we ventured out every day until late evening. The best part about staying out all day, was that I got a break from cooking and cleaning 😊 The money we didn’t spend on accommodations, went to our day trips and our tummies😋.

My girls did get into some typical sibling rivalry during our staycation , however I noticed that this happened for the most part, on our car rides to our destinations. We also dealt with our cranky preschooler in some of the restaurants, and my husband and I got into a few disagreements when it came to making some decisions, especially the eating ones. Note to self: pack hubby lots of snacks for our next staycation, to hold him over while choosing a restaurant and have lots of change for the parking metres handy to avoid tickets 😉.

Some sibling rivalry and some sibling bonding ❤

All in all, our family staycation was busy, enjoyable and most importantly memorable. Not once did we wish we were on the Disney Land cruise ship or swimming with the dolphins in Mexico. We had the best time enjoying our very own beautiful city and we were sad to see my husband go back to work.


My daughters have already been asking, “how many days are left of summer?” I always reply with, ” don’t worry about how many days of summer vacation you have left, just enjoy the day now!”  I guess this is a challenge for them because time really does fly when you are having fun! I remember feeling the exact same way when I was a child, with the internal fear of summer coming to an end. I mean, what kid doesn’t love staying up past their bed time, sleeping in, eating ice cream, and swimming at the beach?! Heck, I’m an adult and I don’t want summer vacation to end either! I’m enjoying every moment with my family and every day I feel so blessed to be able to spend my summer days with them.

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!!! Unfortunately ,the concession only had popsicles.

I truly believe that the greatest memories that we make have everything to do with who we are with as opposed to where we are. So whether you are staycation-ing in your own city or on the Cayman Islands, make sure you are surrounded by loved ones. People who you can be unapologetically yourself around, people who truly support you, and make you laugh.  It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, these types of people are your family. Travel with your family, because as cliché as it sounds, who you travel with is far more important than the destination.










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