Teaching our children to master life’s obstacles

Last night we went for a walk after dinner to enjoy the evening sunshine. I always find myself telling my youngest to use her walking feet inside and as soon as we get outside she runs as fast as she can, around and around in circles.

I captured the photo above in an empty parking lot.

While Charley was running, my heart raced a bit in worry that she might trip and fall. I caught myself ready to say, “be careful”, “don’t run”, or “slow down”, and then I stopped myself because the parking lot is pretty open and it wasn’t busy at all.

Parents treat their children like these fragile little beings because our natural reaction is to protect them.

If Charley did trip while she was running then she may have ended up with some scrapes on her hands and knees.

As much as we want to protect our children from scraping a knee, getting their feelings hurt, and even failing a test, each of these experiences, especially the negative ones, teach our children to master their life’s obstacles.

I’m glad that I let Charley run free yesterday.

We need to give our children more freedom, by doing so they learn to navigate through their internal emotions, and actions and in turn, become resilient human beings.

If I didn’t let her run wild, I wouldn’t have captured this amazing photo which to me represents; freedom.


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