RAW Beauty Talks

While the power of media can have a negative effect on girls and women in todays society, it can however send a positive message, when we use media to start a conversation. This is exactly what founder Erin Treloar of RAW beauty talks has started. A conversation on self-love,self-acceptance, and confidence through social media. RAW Beauty Talks interviews females from all walks of life, and takes photos of them without  make up, photoshop and filters.

They interview these courageous ladies,and post the interviews on their site for the world to view. The interviews entail questions such as, what is your definition of beautiful? What part of aging scares you? What part of aging excites you? Have you ever struggled with insecurities,confidence and body image and if so, do you have any advice to anyone who might be struggling? These are just a few examples of some of the interview questions. I’m almost certain that as you read these questions, especially the one about struggling with insecurities, you have probably felt at some point in your life you could relate. Despite the fact that all of the women interviewed have a different story to share, the similarities remain the same. Most women at one point or another have struggled with insecurities, confidence, and have felt ashamed of their body image.

The reason that the RAW Beauty Talks campaign has resonated with me is because I too have struggled with low self-esteem, insecurities, and many times have felt ashamed of my body. As a mother to three growing daughters, one of my deepest fears was my girls growing up with the same self-doubt and insecurities. And then I realized that if I was struggling, they would struggle. I read a quote once by Naomi Wolf, “a mother that radiates self-love and acceptance vaccinates her daughters against low self-esteem.” Aha! All I have to do is vaccinate them.

When I came across the RAW Beauty Talks campaign on Instagram, I thought to myself this is a great idea. I’m going to post a picture with my tween daughter RAW. I also posted a picture with my toddler RAW. Why? Simply because I wanted to model to my daughters that I don’t need make-up to feel beautiful.

My definition of beautiful is when it radiates on the inside. It’s in our character, how we treat others, and it really stems from how we feel about ourselves and ones willingness to make a difference. The moment my daughters and I took the selfies was beautiful enough. The laughter with my tween while we tried to get the right angle, and the cheek to cheek cuddle with my toddler while we took ours, was beautiful. These are memories that we created and they will look back on these photos one day, and see a beautiful memory of us in our younger days. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to think, oh my goodness, we have no make up on. Their love is unconditional, and in their eyes their mother is beautiful and it has nothing to do with how I look.

My daughters are perfectly content every single day just being alive. They don’t look in the mirror as soon as they wake up and start body shaming. They wake up eager and excited to start their day and you rarely hear them complain about what they don’t have. They are enough. They have enough. Sometimes we need to remember that once upon a time, we felt this way too.

Did I feel a little apprehensive about posting a picture of myself RAW? I certainly did. Why? The truth is this, when you are always complimented on how pretty you are, you begin to feel that this type of outer beauty is really all that you have to offer. You do everything in your power to try to sustain this beauty. But the reality is that this beauty doesn’t last. When I shared with everyone how I look without make-up,my thoughts were perhaps they won’t think I’m beautiful any longer. And then my thoughts that followed after my finger hit the post button were, who  cares and wow that felt good! It takes courage and confidence and it’s truly very empowering.

I don’t go RAW every day and I still love make-up. I just know that my beauty goes deeper than my exterior. This is inner beauty and this type of beauty is sustainable.

Thank you RAW Beauty Talks for starting a real conversation about self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance. You ARE changing the negative effects media has on our young girls, one interview at a time.

Join the movement. Hashtag your photo #Rawbeautytalks and post it on Facebook and Instagram. You can follow raw beauty talks on Facebook, Instagram and read the raw interviews @Rawbeautytalks.com

Two of my daughters and I smiling RAW for the RAW beauty talks campaign

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