Long, luscious locks

For my birthday this year my sisters and best friends purchased me a gift certificate to get my hair done. They know that with my three daughters and hectic schedule, I rarely find time to pamper myself. They also knew that the last time that I did anything to my hair, was a year prior. Yes, a year!!! You have no idea how excited I was for my cut and colour!

When I sat in the salon chair, my new stylist couldn’t fathom why I haven’t cut my hair in a year. She doesn’t have children and works in a salon. Seeing people get their hair done and seeing her clients on the regular is the norm. When she asked why I haven’t cut my hair in a year,my honest to god reason was simply because I didn’t make the time to go and do it. Anyways, I decided to go for some highlights and the trendy ombré look. My new stylist said she needed to chop off at least an inch and a half because the ends were so dead. I agreed and just let her do her thing. I honestly didn’t even care what she was doing. I was just so happy that I wasn’t driving one of my kids to lessons or folding laundry,cooking dinner, mediating-and just doing  typical mom stuff. My stylist laughed at me while I had the foils in my head and said, ” Do you even know what I’m doing to you?” I laughed back and said,”nope!”

After spending two and a half hours relaxing in a salon chair, getting my hair washed, head massaged and reading some trash magazines,I was in a very blissful state. When my stylist revealed my new hair, I felt like a new woman. I was super pleased with how it turned out. Suddenly I had fresh, voluminous, lighter hair. I was in absolute love with my new colour!

When I got into my car, I did the normal (well I hope it’s normal) pulling down the sun visor in the car and checking myself out in the mirror. I guess I just needed another glance or two, or three, to get used to this new look. I was pleased, until the pretty girl syndrome kicked in, and I suddenly felt the,oh my god, my hairs so short complaint coming on. This “my hairs too short” complaint, internally bothered me for the rest of the night.

This internal complaint got me thinking. What is it about long hair that makes me feel so secure? What is about long hair that makes a lot of women feel this way. Because I know I’m not the only woman who has got a haircut and wished it was long again. I even know some women who have cut their hair short and then cried afterwards. I mean, my hair wasn’t even cut that short! It’s not like I got a bob or shaved it off. There is something comforting for a woman when she has long, luscious Kim kardashian locks. I get it, because these long luscious locks look gorgeous. But, so does a woman with short hair or even a woman with a shaved head.

After a night of my internal complaining, I decided to embrace my new locks. After all, it wasn’t even that short and even if it was, it doesn’t matter. Just like people come in all shapes and sizes, so do hairstyles. It felt nice to change-up my style and length.

Do you know who really inspired me to suck it up and stop complaining about something so vain? My 11-year-old daughter, who has very short hair. She decided one day that she wanted short hair. Actually, she decided that she wanted it short on one side and longer on the other. I let her cut her hair however she wanted and when I saw her new hair, I was honestly in shock. I refrained from saying, ” Oh my god, your hair is so short!”  I asked her if she liked her hair, and she said yes. My 11-year-old daughter loves her short hair and rocks it with so much confidence. If she can rock a short hair cut with confidence, then I can rock hair, that’s not even that short, with confidence.

As parents,we teach our children, but they teach us so much about ourselves too! Thanks to my confident 11-year-old for reminding me that personal style is exactly how it sounds:personal. After all, the world would not have its beautiful diversity if we all tried to be clones of the infamous Kim Kardashian.

short hair, medium length and long! Diversity at its finest.

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