Kodak moments

Once upon a time social media outlets were non-existent. People didn’t have the option of taking a picture from their phone and uploading it instantly. Actually, once upon a time we couldn’t even take a photo from our phones! I used to always purchase disposable cameras. As soon as the camera was full I would go to the one hour photo and drop off my camera in anticipation of how the photos turned out. I would be so excited to see how the event, trip, or function was captured. I would walk around the store impatiently and in suspense for an hour waiting for my memories to be developed. As soon as I received my envelope with 24 photos inside,
I would park my butt on the closest bench, tear open the envelope, and go through each photo. I remember the first couple of times I ordered doubles because I was so positive that these photos were all going to be amazing. After a couple of times, I decided to opt out of the doubles, mostly because almost half of the photos never really turned out. The ones that didn’t turn out were usually ones of cut off heads, blurred, and some were my friends and I just trying to take the perfect selfie. Although, at the time they were just called “let’s try to take a picture of ourselves because we don’t want to ask someone else to do it for us” We had to flip the camera the other way, hold it out as far as possible and snap! They would usually end up way too close, and I mean nostril up close. Despite the nostrils and cut off heads, the photos are all still memories of a moment in time. I think I still have a few photos of some friends and I, where everybody could see right up our noses and it’s just a funny memory now. I guess now I would call it a prehistoric “selfie”

That once upon a time is over and in our present time I am still capturing moments, but not with a disposable camera. Thanks to today’s innovation I no longer wait in suspense at the one hour photo, and pay for photos of heads that are cut off.

I take photos everywhere I go. I take photos of my children while they are playing sports, while they are playing at the park. I take photos when we are out, I take photos when we are at home. I take photos of my food, I take photos of my clothes, heck I even take photos of photos! I now take “selfies” with my daughters, my husband, my friends, and occasionally of myself. I have almost 5000 photos on my camera roll as I write this. Which reminds me, I should upload them to my computer soon.

I take photos to document moments in my life. Sometimes I’m enjoying the moment so much that the thought of it not being there any longer hits me. So in that moment while one of my daughters is swinging on the swing, singing in her loudest voice, or my husband and I are on a romantic dates which doesn’t happen as often as we would like, or my girlfriends and I are out on a girls night. It is in these very moments that I decide to snap a photo. Am I no longer enjoying the moment? In my opinion, I’m in absolute joy. So much joy that my heart captures it. Yet I just want to capture these moments with a snapshot, because one day just like the snap of the camera button, these moments are gone, and all we are left with are the memories,the Kodak moments.

Next time I have my phone out and I over hear someone say, “put your phone down, and enjoy the moment.” I’m assuming that this person has a photographic memory, or perhaps left their giant camera at home. My camera just so happens to be my phone, and my phone is full of memories. Which reminds me again, I should upload them! 😊


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